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Dyno Tuning

Dyno Tuning - Apexi - Nistune - Haltech


Dyno Tune Introduction

What is a dyno & what is dyno tuning ??? a dyno tuning is a road simulation tool or a rolling road built into a workshop where we can simulate road conditions with out ever needing to leave the workshop, We can load the engine and replicate load and normal road and extreme race track conditions to dial in fuel mixtures and ignition timing on aftermarket and certain modified factory ecu's. Con handles all the tuning and with 20 year’s experience in the Japanese turbo charged performance vehicles scene, the combination of Con's tuning experience and Steve’s fabricating ability ensures you get the desired result for your vehicle whether it’s a street race drag circuit or off road rally car, We can build your engine fabricate and modify your vehicle all under the one roof. Rest assured your vehicle is in good hands with Con. reliability always comes before power when Con is tuning a customer’s car.


Evo 3 Race Car

Our evo 3 Drag Car Currently fastest AWD 4

cylinder In Victoria running radial tyre & 8TH in Australia

Tuned By Con


Dyno Tune Info & Procedure

With our state of the art mainline dynamometer and Kmon Knock detection we always listen for unwanted detonation and we log oil temperatures while we tune your vehicle, With hundreds of cars tuned in our shop we have not lost an engine yet and we like to keep it that way. We're not interested in power figures posted on forums or exaggerated power figures or racing and comparing dyno kilowatt figures, our aim is to give the customer a good tune and the engine the right amount of fuel and ignition timing at each load site to ensure good drive ability fuel economy and reliability. If the modifications are not what we would call satisfactory and your power expectations are optimistic then we will explain what is required to achieve your goal we also reserve the right to refuse to tune for occupational health and safety rules if the vehicle is deemed to be a work hazard. We concentrate and pay attention to every possible load site in the map, accelerator enrichment injector shut off decel optimum MBT ignition timing & safe fuel mixtures for street & race applications at the same time we log different data to ensure your engine survives, we always tune with cooling down periods in between tuning sessions.




403 kw Evo 3

evo 3 dyno tuning

Advanced Jap Evo 3 - 403 KW

Our Evo 3 Lancer Drag Car powered by a 4G63 engine all built and tuned in house by Advanced Jap Auto, custom rod length & stroke, cp pistons, 1 mm MLS head gasket used to achieve a specific squish clearance. complete ARP fasteners top to bottom, BC cams , HKS valve springs, complete power porting package all done the master Andrew sanders of course, garrett journal bearing turbo T3 core, 0.82 exhaust housing. 60-1 compressor wheel turbosmart waste gate, gizmo boost controller, motec m800 ecu, evo 7 intercooler, custom inlet plenum custom steam pipe exhaust manifold made by AJAI. All custom work including wiring, fuel lines, surge tank stainless intercooler piping, and exhaust system all carried out by AJAI, down to the eye ball wheel alignment which fujisan tyres later confirmed was bang on the money, other mods will get a mention further down the page.basically a 500 hp turbo making 600 hp at the flywheel, but how is that possible you ask ?? Without revealing to much, we can say Andrew's'power porting plays a part, also Con's knowledge and secrets he has picked up from the industry over the years and Steve's fabrication skills and attention to the smallest details, match porting and removal of leading edges and careful assembly of the engine and following Cons strict engine build and tolerance guidelines, so you could say the engine has been developed to its maximum whatever turbo charger we use would determine how much power it produces also a pair of custom ground camshafts would be the last bit of R & D and with Andrews flow figures at hand we know at what lift the flow starts to drop off so we already have a starting point for the camshaft specs, well at least maximum lift anyway.


Tuned on C16 race fuel with the above mentioned turbo running 29 psi and secret air fuel ratio netted 403 kilowatts and a ridiculously broad power band, try to grasp this in 4TH gear at 125 kilometers we already in the 370 kilowatt part of the graph and torque has well and truly peaked by this stage, by the time we get to 160 kilometers we have peak power at 403 kilowatts and it continues all the way up until the 9000 rpm rev cut and power is still up at around 380 kilowatts , no wonder the car ran 10.56 on its first pass, surely this set up is capable of 10.20s, unfortunately our day ended when the Calder park Marshall realized we ran a 10.5 without a roll cage we were tempted to come back with the roll cage fitted at a later date but instead of punishing the car and drive line with drive it like it's stolen launches and gear changes we opted to run a bigger turbo and nitrous oxide to propel us into the 9 second street car club.PS: For the tmu's or tog's reading this, we don't really drive it on the street with nitrous and C16 race fuel of course that would be illegal.





JZA80 Supra 339 KW

supra dyno tune

Supra JZA80 2JZ Dyno Tune - 339

Toyota supra jza80 model with 2jzgte engine, forged internals. hyper tune inlet manifold, custom exhaust manifold garrett gt35r turbo , aftermarket cams motec m800 ecu , running 22 psi on 98 ron pump fuel end result 339 kilowatts. Has made 420 kilowatts on C16 race fuel and 30 psi of boost.




180sx SR20DET 249 KW

180sx sr20det tune


180sx SR20DET 249 KW

Nissan 180sx , powered by sr20det engine with Advanced Jap Auto built forged engine, Clive stage II 264 cams super tech valve springs mls head gasket bosch top feed injector kit, garrett gt2871r , 0.86 exhaust housing, high compression . 9:1 with awesome drive ability off boost, this package suprised our customer h was very pleased withe the low to mid range torque and absence of turbo lag with a very impresive peak power on 18 psi, I think a steam pipe manifold would improve it another 15-20% Tuned on 98 ron pump fuel 18 psi of boost , end result 249 kilowatts.


R33 Skyline 331 KW

r33 skyline tune

R33 Skyline Stock Engine 60-1 Kinugawa 331 KW

Nissan R33 skyline with rb25det engine stock cams , inlet and internals, mods are as follows, hybrid performance steam pipe exhaust manifold, kinugawa turbo 60-1 compressor wheel , td06 turbine wheel, 10cm exhaust housing, external waste gate, bosch 040 fuel pump, 740cc injectors, apexi power FC manual bleed tap, ls2 coil pack upgrade, this vehicle was tuned previously by another melbourne tuner, we won't mention any names and only made 270 kilowatts on 21 psi. Once we had the vehicle in our hands we immediately rectified the ignition miss left by the other tuner, the owner explains that the previous tuner set the spark plug gaps to 1.1 mm because the vehicle was now running ls2 coils, with quick turn of a ratchet and poke of a feeler gauge we now had gaps set to 0.7mm to the owners amazment the miss was completely gone, like i said previously, we love what we do and we are good at it, problem solving is a big part of dyno tuning and we thrive on new challenges. Con worked his magic on the laptop & 6 hrs later Con had visited every possible load site, and a power run to finish , wham bam thank you ma'am, 331 rear wheel kilowatts on 21 psi , 60 kilowatts more then the previous tune !

MA70 Supra 1JZ 252 KW

JZA70 1JZ  dyno tune

MA70 Supra 1JZ 252 KW

MA70 1JZGTE Supra GT30 252 KW 17 PSI Toyota supra MA70 supra powered by 1jzgte engine conversion , stock internals custom Advanced Jap Auto steam pipe exhaust manifold, haltech ps2000 ecu turbosmart 38mm waste gate, garrett gt30 turbo charger, tuned on 98 ron pump fuel, 17 psi of boost, end result 252 kilowatts