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Advanced Jap Auto Imports :: Intercoolers


   Custom Intercooler Piping


Custom Fabrication

Check out our custom made intercooler piping kits are made from quality stainless steel & aluminum for all Japanese import cars, Family Business With over 17 years experience in the welding, metal trade & automotive industry, below are some pictures of our custom intercooler piping work if anyone has doubts about our workmanship or is worried about purchasing our custom made products, we offer money back satisfaction guarantee.

Evo 3 Lancer

 evo  intercooler piping

Custom Piping

All our intercooler piping is made complete from turbo to throttle body, our custom piping is hand made and we use the best materials, high quality stainless steel mandrel bends all piping is tig welded with a state of the art fronius tig welder we sell quality that’s the difference between cheap piping and our piping.


Evo 3 Lancer

custom piping

Models We Cater For

S13 SR20DET, R32, R33, R34, Skyline, Z32, 300zx, Nissan Pulsar, Gti-r, S14, S15, 200sx, 180sx, ca18det , Mitsubishi vr4 galant & legnum, evo 3 - 9 4G63 , aswell as twin turbo custom installations In v6 & v8 Configurations. Mitsubishi VR4 Galant & Legnum, Evo 3 - 9 4G63 , Aswell As Twin Turbo Custom Installations In V6 & V8 Configurations.

R32 Skyline

skyline custom intercooler

R32 Skyline

We also fabricate no holes & return flow custom intercooler kits for many japanese import vehicles, please call or email us to enquire about no holes return flow intercooler kit for your vehicle.

R32 Skyline

R32 custom ipiping

Quality Fabrication

This product is best suited to high quality builds, for te customer that wants the best of the best, if we are impressed by the quailty of the build then step it up a notch ad make sure are fabrication equals or exeeds that standard of quality already present.

Return Flow SR20

s13  piping

Top Quality 

All pulse tig welded with industry leading, fronius trans tig 2200, brand new stainless steel hose clamps, high quailty silcone joiners & the final buffing leaves a  polished  finish  available in an industrial brushed texture all the way to mirror finish, money back satisfaction, guarantee on all intercooler piping products.


Nissan 180sx - S13

180sx  intercooler piping

Unique Models

Toyota AE86 4Agze, Mazda RX7 13BMazda RX7 FC3S, Mazda RX7 FD3S Subaru WRX GC8, VL Commodore Ford XR6 Turbo, R31 Skyline RB25
Conversions, VR4 Galant & Legnun, Ford BA - BF XR6 Turbo, Mazda RX3 - RX4 13B Turbo240z , 260z L24 - L28 Turbo Upgrades. 

Pulse Tig Welded

stainless steel weld

Lobster Pipes

Also available in loster bends pulse tig welded, obvioucly this is a very expensive exercise with a large amount of labour time required to achieve the best result.


Pulse Tig Welded

pulse weld

Highest Quality Piping

 We don't take short cuts check out some of our fit and finish work back when this type of intercooler and piping were legal, we have adjusted our fabrication work to comply with new rules which state that the vehciles integrity must be retained, even though we all know it's a load of horse shit.

Pulse Tig Welded

tig weld

Aluminium Piping

We also fabricate intercooler piping using high grade 6061 aluminum tube with donut mandrel bends and a mirror polished or brushed finish.


ae86 4agze cntercooler

Factory Holes

 Since the Rules changesd we have always routed pipes thrugh factory holes and used return flow intercoolers where required, all finished off neatly with plastic trimming.


ae86 intercooler piping

Factory Holes

 Since the Rules changesd we have always routed pipes thrugh factory holes and used return flow intercoolers where required, all finished off neatly with plastic trimming.

Factory hole

R33 skyline

Race Cars

Race cars From 9 Second drag racers , circuit to off road rally buggys making 250 kws at the wheels.

Off Road Race 

buggy intercooler piping