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Evo 3 Lancer Project

We have many projects in the works, you may have seen our evo 3 lancer drag car with the best ET of 10.58 at 136 mile per hour and 60 foot time of 1.53 making over 400 kilowatts at the wheels with more development to come in the near future with nitrous and a bigger turbo charger we hope to propel this car in to the high 9 second quarter mile times, stay tuned for more updates on the progress of this project car.


evo 3  drag car

drag car engine bay

  •     Car : Lancer Evo 3
  •    Engine : 4G63
  •    Cams : BC 280
  •    Turbo : 60 -1
  •    Clutch : Heavy Duty Jim Berry
  •    Exhaust : Custom 3 Inch (Advanced Jap Auto)
  •    Gearbox : Cusco 1.5 way Mech Front Diff 
  •    Centre Diff : Cusco Mech Tarmac Centre Diff
  •    Rear Diff : Kaaz 2 Way LSD
  •    Exhaust Manifold : Custom Steam Pipe 
  •    Wastegate : Turbosmart 38mm
  •    Injectors : 800cc Sard
  •    Intake plenum : Custom (Advanced Jap Auto)
  •    Intake & Piping : Custom (Advanced Jap Auto)
  •    ECU : Motec M400 Patch Loom P/P
  •    Intercooler : Stock Evo 7
  •    Fuel System : Bosch 044 Surge Tank
  •    1/4 Mile E.T : 10.58 @ 136 MPH
  •    Power Output : 403KWS On 29psi
  •     Car : GK Sigma
  •    Engine : 4G63T Twin Cam 16 Valve
  •    Turbo : Garrett GT3582 Power Ported Housings
  •    Gearbox : R154 , Genuine C'S Short Shifter
  •    Clutch : Extreme Cermaic Button 2800lb Pressure Plate
  •    Exhaust Manifold : Custom steam pipe (Advanced Jap)
  •    Exhaust : Custom (Advanced Jap Auto Imports)
  •    Injectors : Bosch 1200cc
  •    Intake Plenum : Custom plenum (Hyper Tune)
  •    Cooling system : Ecotherm John Bennett System
  •    Diff : Comodore Holden 4 Pinion 3.9 Gears Mini Spool
  •    ECU : Motec M400
  •    Fuel system : Custom
  •    Intercooler : Custom Intercooler, mandrel piping
  •    Power Output : T.B.A
  •    1/4 Mile E.T : T.B.A

gk sigma 4g63

sigma 4g63 gt35r

  •    Car : R34 GT-T Skyline Coupe
  •    Engine : RB25DET Neo 6
  •    Cams : Tomei 260
  •    Turbo : GT3076
  •    Boost Controller : Apexi AVC-R
  •    Clutch : Extreme Motosport Clutch &  Flywheel
  •    Gearbox : Standard
  •    Exhaust :Custom 3 Inch Stainelss Steel (Advanced Jap)
  •    Exhaust Manifold : Standard Power Ported
  •    Injectors : 600cc Seimens
  •    Intake plenum : Standard Power Ported
  •    Intake : Custom Metal Intake Pipe (Advanced Jap)
  •    Diff : Standard
  •    ECU : Nistune
  •    Fuel System : Walbro GS341
  •    Intercooler : Cooling Pro
  •    Power output: 273 RWKW

r34 skyline

R34 Sleepa 270 KW


Fitted with a factory airbox, custom stainless steel intercooler piping pianted black and disguised inside engine bay hidding behing the front bumper bar is a return flow intercooler core, nosi reduction via a  varex muffler.

Power is up at 270 rear wheel kilowatts, with a completely stock looking engine bay.

This vehicle was built for club circuit racing events and everyday driving in mind.



Tony's Bluebird TRX FJ20
Another project car to keep an eye out for is Tony's nissan bluebird series 3 trx with fj20 engine, gtx35 turbo and richmond gearbox, this vehicle should be nearing completion at the end of 2013, this vehicle has no expense spared with all the best quailty parts and of course yet another one of our projects with the complete power porting package from Andrew Sanders at specialized power porting.




bluebird fj20 gtx35

bluebird fj20


Con's 240Z L28 GT35R
Con's highly modified 240z powered by a L28 long rod combination engine, garrett GT35R turbo consisting of many kameari engine works goodies Z32 5 speed gearbox, 6 pot calipers, motec M800, this is one occasion where the words "Too Much To Mention" are truly called for !



L28 240z gt35r garrett

240z fabrication


Off Road Race Buggy SR20DET
Ian's off road race buggy powered by a sr20det, currently undergoing a full engine rebuild featuring forged internals, a brand new garrett GT2871R , custom Advanced Jap Auto merge collector steam pipe manifold, aftermarket cams and retune, aiming for 250 kilowatts  at the rear wheels with a conservative tune.
Other previous mods include a Motec M4 Ecu, Tilton twin plate clutch, Albans tranaxle gearbox, custom billet wheels.



offroad race buggy

offroad buggy jump

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