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™ Garrett Turbochargers

We supply genuine Garrett GT ball bearing turbochargers for all street ,motor sport and commercial use, with a wide range of Garrett ball bearing turbochargers to suit street , drag racing, drifting, circuit racing and even the everyday work horse or farm machinery and equipment, Garrett turbochargers are  known for there superior quality ,durability fast spool and compressor wheel efficiency and the new gtx range with billet cnc machined compressor wheel is taking efficiency to a new level, whatever your application whether it be a small capacity 4 cylinder engine up to a huge 12 cylinder monster ,we can supply a correctly match turbo for your application.  

We have seen a few vehicles arrive at our workshop for a dyno tune with mismatched turbochargers and the dyno print out might show a large kilowatt figure but you can't drive the vehicle in that 1000 RPM of usable power band, which is usually after 6000 RPM unless it is a race caror you plan to use antilag or nitrous on the street to make boost earlier in the RPM range.

We have built vehicles with small to medium size turbochargers and extensive engine development with impressive results, one of the vehicles was our own lancer evolution race car with 60-1 compressor wheel making a peak 400 kilowatts at the wheels with a very healthy torque curve peaking at 1500nm on a mainline dyno, with power already climbing to 370 kilowatts at 4500RPM and peak power at 7500RPW and still making 380 kilowatts at 9000RPW, you can definitely feel that broad power when you drive the vehicle and it went on to run a 10.56 quarter mile with 136 mph on radial tyres, the same vehicle was later fitted with a bigger Garrett gt35r turbo and 1.06 exhaust housing (for nitrous of course) , the peak power was once again  400 kilowatts with 6 psi less boost but the engine missed out on boost in the earlier rpm range where torque peaked,  the acceleration was changed dramatically and the dyno print out still shows a peak of 400 kilowatts, luckily we had already planned to run nitrous on this vehicle and all that lost torque will be regained with interest added on top.

If your unsure about turbo size and exhaust housing selection we can help you choose the correct turbo, don’t buy the biggest turbo you can fit in your engine bay, remember it's not how much peak power you make, it's more important to have a broad power band with good mid range torque especially if it is a daily driven vehicle, the correct size turbo will make the vehicle more pleasurable to drive and would accelerate quicker then the larger mismatched turbo. 

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Garrett 800hp T04Z Ball Bearing turbo
  • Garrett 800hp T04Z Ball Bearing Turbo Charger
  • Split pulse housing is recommended to help with spool up. 
  • Commonly used for drag racing with 2 step launch control
  • Rated at 800hp ideal for big 6 cylinder and rotary engine's
  • Only suitable for small capacity engines with the addition of nitrous anti lag
  • Available in different exhaust housing sizes including v-band exit

Our price: AUD 2245.00
Garrett GT2560 AKA T28BB Turbo
  • Garrett GT2560 AKA T28BB (Ball Bearing) Turbo Charger.
  • Identical to the genuine OEM Japanese JDM spec s15 silvia 200sx
  • Rated at 320 flywheel horsepower very popular with CA18 and SR20 engines.
  • Available in the 0.64 and 0.86 exhaust housing, very restrictive with the smaller option.
  • Good response and mid range torque, ideal for 200 rear wheel kilowatt everyday vehicle.
  • We have fitted many of these to s13 silvias along with nistune boards and 480cc injectors.
  • We Can supplies these as good condition used units, have sold many in the past.

Our price: AUD 1249.00
Garrett GT2860R GT28RS 350hp Disco Potato Turbo S15 comp cover
  • Garrett GT2860R GT28RS 350hp Disco Potato.
  • Very popular upgrade for SR20 and CA18 engine.
  • Ball bearing core, T25 base and S15 comp cover for easy installation.
  • Rated at 350 horsepower with excellent response and mid range torque.
  • Available in 0.64 & 0.86 exhaust housing sizes, boost pressure limter by the 0.64.

Our price: AUD 1485.00
Garrett GT2860R GT28RS Disco Potato Turbo
  • Garrett GT2860R GT28RS Disco Potato Turbo Charger.
  • Rated at 350 flywheel horsepower, makes boost early in the rpm range .
  • Suited to small capacity 4 cylinder engines or twin installations on larger engines.
  • Available in 2  exhaust housing options 0.64 & 0.86 the 0.86 performs better at higher rpm.

Our price: AUD 1485.00
Garrett GT2871R 390hp or 440hp ball bearing turbo
  • Garrett GT2871R Ball Bearing Core Turbo Charger
  • T25 base offered as 390hp 48 Trim or 440hp 56 Trim 
  • Rated at 390hp with the 48mm triim & 440hp with the 56 Trim
  • Well matched to 2.0 engine's , ideal for small capacity 4 cylinder installation
  • Also availabe in 0.64 & 0.86 exhaust hosuing sizes, with the 0.86 being the better option.

Our price: AUD 1589.00
Garrett GT2871R 52 trim S15 Comp Cover GT-RS Turbo
  • Garrett GT2871R 52 Trim Ball Bearing Core With T25 Base. 
  • S15 compressor cover for easy installation on SR20 engine in S14 / S15 200sx
  • Internally gated with 0.64 and 0.86 exhaust housing options, 0.64 being to restrictive.
  • Well matched to 2.0 liter or small capacity 4 cylinder engines, with good response.
  • We have fitted many of these on customers vehicle with nistune and other modifications
  • Just recently we tuned a SR20 that made 250 rear kilowatts on 18 psi of boost.

Our price: AUD 1485.00
Garrett GT30BB 600hp ball bearing turbo
  • Garrett GT30BB 600hp ball bearing turbo
  • External wastegate exhaust housing
  • Compressor wheel flows 60lbs rated at 600hp
  • Available in 3 exhaust housing sizes 0.63, 0.82, 1.06


Our price: AUD 1690.00
Garrett GT3582BB aka GT3540 or GT35R Turbo
  • Garrett GT3582BB aka GT3540 or GT35R 700hp ball bearing turbo
  • Great turbo best suited to 6 cylinder and big power 4 cylinder engines
  • Rated at 700hp , external wastegate housing
  • Available in 0.63  0.82 1.06 exhaust housing sizes

Our price: AUD 1690.00
Garrett GTX3582BB GTX3540 GTX35R Ball Bearing Turbo
  • Garrett GTX3582BB (aka GT3540 or GT35R) ball bearing turbo
  • Featuring the new 11 full  blade billet machined compressor wheel
  • Anti surge compressor cover
  • Rated at 750hp

Our price: AUD 2490.00
Nissan R32 Skyline Garrett Turbo
  • Nissan R32 Skyline Garrett Turbo
  • Stock replacement turbo for R32 GTS-T
  • Good condition used
  • Call Us If Item Is Out Of Stock

  To Purchased Used Products

Nissan R33 Skyline Garrett Turbo
  • Nissan R33 Skyline Garrett Turbo
  • Used replacement turbo for R33 GTS-T Skyline
  • Good condition used
  • Call Us If Item Is Out Of Stock

  To Purchased Used Products

Used T28 Garrett Ball Bearing Turbo GT2560
  • Used T28 Garrett Ball Bearing Turbo
  • GT2560 Oem S15 Silvia Jap Spec 
  • Upgrade For ADM S14, S15 and S13, 180sx, CA18, SR20
  • All Imported From Japan, Removed From Running Vehicles
  • In Good Condition With No Abnormal Shaft Movement

Our price: AUD 675.00